Life Inside The Bubble

It was unsatisfying to take what we were given,
Eden, the world's situation, we knew and know 
so much better, and so we sow and glow and woe
all to rue and brew and skew, thereupon, we are here:

The indoors we built are the new Home,
as we must fulfill our self-prophecy by
taking care to wipe clean the original slate, 
heat and water, chemical tolls, paid by
urinary coals, let we out upon the land
only with a covered hand;

All we writ has come to mass
at the fun'ral for our ass,
gone are safety freedom fun
staring down the barrel's gun
poured it out on waiting fowl
now no more the hooting owl;

Markets 'tilitarian certainty fails to rhyme,
now the hands are visible with crime,
such the heirloom we inherit,
thank you all who got this merit.

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