Childhood Pique

Such a way that youth hath wrought was sunk on summer wheels,
where the wander I was brought to cooling futile heels,
ran by wishes the run out thus was tempting fate,
not 'til when I left the nest did I see the sate

Onward did not seem the way when under home was ease
basement watching playing thus a video pret' please
nor did ceasing all control but reading closet hid
shower yearning for the fit that wanting never did

For an agent restive place on motion every year
with the desk and nonsense work did boredom turn to fear
as a mild and unconcern I bound myself dis'point
try as not I really might be stuck in lower gear

Then the tears as like as red were 'rected on a new
this time not for wont of car but wishing silver grew
yet acceptance after quits was lurking in the wing
fly as might the decade hence I fell to bruise then sing

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