For a lark, I will give a seed,
lost to the inside of a bird,
the plant may experience
a life after sustenance
imagining the belly of
this beast did not do its job.


To each according to the talents,
your parabolic joy is under my skin,
that song is an up down around 
sensation, guided by the feed
back to the home.


Ignorance is the frisson 
for the enunciation you
and I made to a rooftop:
stay layered, try to die
the good death you deserve.


The score at the last minute
of the final day is the zero
that was earned by listening,
eating, and learning what the
word love means in song.


Melody is a measure of 
consistency over rhymes,
a is to be as see is to
the fee paid at the door 
to the aviary.

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