Grim Ace on the Mound

Before below, hide the birds in the churrup
How can your certainty lead to anything felse

Cratatted by the obliquoy, straight line and a tongue
Held on to the surety a city face held back by the trail

Horse hare glass before eyes stretching and retching inside
Grathery blatherly making the world in the image of Theft

Trail your clarity across propagation and be inspired 
According to the gospel accordion bark

Verse :: a dot box analogue to kindness and smite zest
Hat borne quillness on to logi call no men clay tur tur tur

Rigorbus rumbrella;;drunk on polygonal want want want
Don't look away from the futurast, sit on top and see gulls

Doing as you instructioned
You second person ghost frist

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