Color Cannot Appear Inwords

Accidental combination: a wood water tower lettered: Greek Islands;

Baking under a sun was yesterday in a moment, where as if chrysanthemums
Derived the green from a yellow face clouded for an instant with the rain-back-drop
Of a milky blue you hewed for a chair built for me; 

And yet, seated, concerned with conversions of meaning from letter-billiards,
The neural equivalent of a garden based on the principles of life, life, and the
Pursuit of life, still thine winds at the crest above a city's winking window pains;

Cannot is a study in possibility, a statistical improvable, unswap for the letter I,
Columns raised to the point when the material give out, gainsayers, mages,
Regrettable stages where we stood, side by side, and watched history as art

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