Corpuscularity might make you see the plant
rather than its Latin nomen, how-
ever, you (could) must right be 

Impossible to see what was coming before
the world extended itself unto you
great rulemaker, sprong tolltaker

As you resemble your critics
so goes your growth,
a little up and mostly to the side

Seen and seen and seen
rarely heart, as your pump
won't be slowed by cardiovascular 

holdovers of less evolved progressions
all(ong) the time scale, your hands
took hold of the ladder points,

As chronologies are meant to be
climbed by the flittest, destined
to carry themselves off as if

the world were a metaphor for
a badly designed society:
fight at all corners

Lose at each cost,
and gain the notion
that naychur has its back
embedded in your spine

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