To Manufacture the Elegant Relationship Between Complexity and Form

Right, oh, there was something we were meant to 
do with the folded napkins on the table between
the plate tectonics, networks of motions that you
are better off not trying to predict, as I keep saying

in an over the top way, as the path is the path to
perfection and there is no snapshot possible and of 
course any describable state of the ideal is a rank
absurdity, clouded by faulty notions of valuation,

yet susceptible to the earnest effort guided by 
mild forms of faith or belief or even mere
dedication, a loyalty with the option of exit,

a most potent run that threatens to be come
a walk under a tiny act of will, demonstrating 
a free possibility ignored deliberately, not too
simple, not so useless, and reasonably complex.

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