Between the Hour and Me

Dictation's rhythm can flow on together
Structures make duct work of patented leather
Freed for the positive with all the way
Prepose the zition on concording play

Spontaneous making of wonderful soils
Taking the titan of furniture spoils
One after other and then for a second
Faith in the mind crossing while life was reckoned

Consistency sometimes yet chaos and wake
Boating the starlight and working to break
Icier water gives warmer the hug
Heating the air with a generous rug

Migrate to other than where what you did
Or stay just right staring at repetitive grid
Flies in my beverage and kitchens of sink
Dropping the glassware and soiling a brink

Edges of worlding that futures you wrote
Making what happen the fluorescent note
Tinkling sounds from flowers thus fresh
Standing at odds with fencing of mesh

Heading on through expectation pale
Hoping for sloping that leads downed fail
Foster a most and more preciationful day
One more the silence a smiling of may

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