Nexting vs. Anding

The new or the again (also fresh)
are a choice as old as the thought that
a decision might exist,

a definition of something that is not otherthing
making itself through the observation repetition
of something as a category or an element

one self or another two
numbered by color 
or some such familiar smell

manufactured to a glowing hurried perfection
is the idea of a gain, a patter,
a continuity of rain, falls onto the same face,

bruises, broken noses, the same error,
made for the past tense to shoot the arrow of the future,
bowed under the strength of the story of a million todays,

a mathematical choice to get geometrical advantage,
forced under the water of a wave that isn't particle to the agreement,
and comma period exclaim the depth of feeling in beginning

to see that the end is mean and the middle justifies
the Next And appended 
to the either's ore.

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