Order Disreverse

Cause: don't give total commitment unless you're ready to lie for this night.
The darkness is a Faustian shift in prospective intramural fratricidal distogetherness.
A mouth full of metamorphoses, surviving beyond the nuclear end of the swirled.
As you come to the standing position, sitting is inevitable for the vestigial tailbone.
Time is a monster's chronograph, scuba diving to the ectoplasm as the bottom of the me.
Don't take try's word for it, do the be and forget about not seeing or believing or ghosts.
Live an and-life, or-elses will follow you up the road and down to perfidy. 
Contortment is a sense of wralm, edited to appear correct in the journal of daily awful.
Take comfork, a spoonful will help the accidental medicine digest among your friends on the inside.

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