An other, probably for the second time

Did it come out a little faster than it was supposed to
according to the rules of procedure and creation:
literary analysts determined that it was a cognitive 
bias that led you to make what you did when you did how.

Consider doing things the right way next time, cross your
self and do eleven hail maries and develop a rhythm that
echoes the great masters who had rhymes' intuitions 
and own the fact that the titans were gods back in the day.

Did this happen before? Yes, didn't it? Don't make those 
claims when you are not sure, that is a worse crime than
deliverance hypocrisy, a package in the mail wrapped in the
tape of a thousand deaths for the oily goodness holding you together.

How did it come to the list of movies that we held up against
the light carry-on baggage, emotional turmoil that psycho-
analytically got you through all that stuff all those years
past, when a nice meal would have meant anyone to talk to.

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