How to Think

Healthy heft a hearty left
two more times and then you'll be
right as pain against a wall
fought for fighting on the ball

world of metaphors what are you
faded dirt bag full of blue
water wandered where it went
wanting guidance greenish bent

growing moral lower ground
biting off the lost for found
contrast made the ballot itch
chads are hanging in the ditch

won't you tell me what it was
happened that made effect cuz
stating cities country flown
what you said quite overblown

made of monastery bliss
could but ants just tarry, kiss
loving work or working love
that's the name: of turtle dove

christ was more and more of same
could that sinner be more lame
thank you for the lesson man
keep the face of modern plan

one two four the eights they have it
double up to chessboard rabbit
jumping over baddish mud
seeping down to become crud

where it lead I wouldn't go
but tell me not don't rather know
what the way to be respect
fade it down to gnarly sect.

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