Imagine Utopia

The brilliant thing about computers
and networked computers
is the idea that you can mine
the imaginations of anyone
for the picture of your

perfect world
ideal town
impressive people

to make your life
the way you now 
dream it could be

thanks to these other people's 
visions painted in places 
you can get with a few hands movements;

are these nightmares
or are they angels
angles that might be the
way you might go,

an infinite library of books
you might become
because so much of it 
is real and you are real

so find that reality you can
become out there and become it
through your will and your hands

you might work a way to the
improper, unprovable, and beautiful,

for that's how to live according to the
impulses of reason, at issue is feeling-reason, 
the true captain of the ship you're merely 
a passenger tied to the mast,

and while the sirens sing
you won't help but listen.

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