Flip Book

Rage against your image in the mirror
fight your every appearable monument

consider where your sentence ends
and your name begins

and see the what exactly is that
stop in mid something

consider the fight you took to who
and light up your false highness

to see that monarchy is political
and so is religion

and misuse words as often as you can
consider telling it in all caps

and don't explain yourself
don't issue instructions

don't read the label
consider inconsiderate things

and focus on everything all at once
everywhere, of course, obviously,

at speed, you cannot go beyond
the speed of the dark

and it requires the article 
knowing that The Light

is too dramatic 
to describe something physical

and don't tell me the name 
read it from cover to spine

and consider what kind of glue
or thread or continuity

leads from one to two
and false to true.

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