Levels of Paralysis

Judgements are applications to be 
admitted to the bureaucracy of the wise,

but in this land, your path must never 
alter after the one crucial fork,

a spoon unalterably stirring the
honeyed knives in your cup, prepared

to glance off of you all the way
down, a developmental strategy that

will cause most to remain in 
place, while those most similar

to the treetops will become
treetops them-cells, waving 

delighted in the the winds of organ
-ization, mechan-ically 

unable to see the stasis in their
assumptions of the freedom not 

given freely as a gift, but 
rather as a bloody guilt for all

that came before, a bloody 
crown worn by the bloodless,

without account for another
type of future, the top of a 

game that makes each of its
players into a stoppage for the
remainder of their deathless lives.

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