Civil Inducement

I look back 
Into two eyes that can't be scrutin 

Eyes'd by loving mental models 
This way that is not going to make 

Sense the subject objections noted 
Wrangled ways the voter voted 

That's the point of modern life 
Cast your iron over strife 

Agent red the fires burn 
Storming houses surely turn 

Into ash and similar dust
At the signs of social rust 

Where to go to mend your fence 
When the wood was gone, nigh hence 

Don't let the meaning guide your way 
Feel the sickness rather play 

Gather nuts and water towers 
Fighting huts with oily powers 

Then you'll have the acting throne 
Picking never fickle bone 

Thrown to ground and dueling love 
Grandkids get that hotter shove 

One may last but not the first 
Casual inf'rence won't quench thirst 

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