Turning Change

Swivel on the outside edge
of a chair that won't hold
the things you wouldn't say

to the people you think
care and think back
on the things you did

and didn't do
to make yourself
into a self 

that had the characteristics
of your favorite character
and your identification

couldn't become what it was
meant to be
under the conditions

you were born into
without irony
knowing little about

the cynicisms; you would
bathe in the happy bathtub
until the water went luke

warm you could pretend
that geothermal life
means getting close to

molten iron
and refusing the adjectives
that come with language

and its historical analysis
which you both crave and abhor
abjuring your claim

to a last name
a role call that you answered
and abruptly hung up

comparing a concept
to an ideal
and wondering

is this what it means
to be in a body
that is mythical with a mind

full of bacteria
but made of the words
that do not bear classification

in the linguistic tradition
of people you'll never meet
wondering how

far from the ground
you need to get 
to occupy space

and what that might mean
for your time
to the left.

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