Pleasant Waiting

Judgement evening suspension 
Here be traffic while I am there 
Make sound home when space is not 
Former names call out, turn to scent 
Where it smells like the beginning 
End to end a line meant stay 
Endear two wheels for a watery walk 
Friendship monitor have we paired 
However, therefore, weave contradistinction, 
Contradiction manufactures, industrial 
Might we find our ways to the middle 
Of a stream that we diverted: environmental 
Management consultation, hitchhike to 
A career in psychoanalysis, philosophy 
Wisdom for a living, watching for death 
Power projects into the soul 
Window seat at the edge of tomorrow 
Fated to seem like it was meant to be 
And in the conceptual storm 
Let go with both hands 
To make unassuming the present 

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