Continent, Ocean, One Grain of Sand

enemies have prepositions fitted to describe
what might happen if the tide came in
when your pants are down

the light implies dark
and having only one word
for that number between zero and two

is the same as legibility for the sake of taxation
and was that really so bad
without a question mark

the world may not know
but what is a thing
who is a person

generally, specifically,
there is an opposition
between math and art

that has the flavor of religion
do you believe in geometry
or calligraphy

while you were out
sitting for a portrait
to see if you could be copied

there was a beginning
that implied an ending
and you chose it

what is a rock
but a small island
in a drop of water

oceans become continents
stars become rocks
and if you squint

you'll see a circle
when you stare at the sun
for the rest of your short or long life

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