The American Family

Raise your hand to ask your question
when did we get here how

but these questions are not nearly
as critical as your future

for you must raise the name
to the foundation upon which the legacy

will batter the cartoons that called your father an idiot
or at least an oaf

and perhaps you'll give up beer
or you'll redesign a life

nuclear familial way of being
fully full of strife

can't we thus generate a way
for most if not us all

lineage is party to it
but landing over small

what is vast and bounding over
preposition tall

even over shoulders shoulding
it's comfort one and pall

shrouding onto secret thoughts
peddling a shade

whose definition of the sun
will further going paid

off the debt you'll never be
scientific fact

can your ears they'll never see
beatific pact

when you're old you'll start again
with on for after denial

pray you might but always pen
an American Family trial.