The Divine Limited Liability of Compound Kings

Do you own a piece of the world
and make of what you hope your will
will become after you stop working

this super-magic paper government
umbrella that was conflated with
Individual God-Freedom-Control

thin blue lines and other colors
defend your mouse to the last
because of course it was nicer

fifty years ago, when history hadn't 
ended and restarted, and the music
you listened to hadn't changed to

become the trash that you suffer
but you don't have to suffer
as long as the revenue service

fails to audit you, I mean,
make sure you vote for the right
to own a piece of the United 

Nightmare fund: sweat and debt
and the tortured lonely end of 
life; no one more creative than you

could imagine a more perfect world
so sit in your leather chair, cock your pistol
and shoot another cow.

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