I heard my judgments bounce off the dark

I heard my judgments bounce off the dark
losing visions to the birds in hollow park
once I said, all be thy negative view,

as less than zero does not cancel out the other
unless you are a mathematician 
and as life is not a reflection of theory

geometry nor logic contain a solution 
for that which appears to be a problem
so forget about decisions and choices

these are rankings, one over the other
telling how there might be a better
<what you said is garbage and how you live

is nonsense> contained within a mind
said in words that were not meant to 
represent any place you actually were

and I listened to what I said (and thought)
arriving hence to frailty, naught 
as the echoes reached my ears and 

dissolved to inner fears
developing as my body ages
to the opposite of rages

letting peaceful thoughts fly free
inside inside
gentle me.