Rainstorm Calm

At dusk the windows played the chords
of a rainstorm rattling rooftop boards

Fairly weathered olden house
I sat alone on newish couch

For the right to be right here
many lost and much was fear

Therefore do not say that spite
utters out of mouths too light

For the critical review
might just call a wetter blue

That's what water said it was
calling down the phony buzz

Struck by thunder in my seat
hearty skipping nervous beat

One hand gripped the other wrote
trying finding fervor notes

As the rain is wont to do
calmer beads were working new

Dripping off my sweaty face
looking for a fall, then grace

Memories come running up
filling empty holey cup

Water loves the land and lake
deeper breathing sounded take

Hearing thus I lower lids
breaking mind-ways out of grids

Fade to what it's sleepy soon
not much missing lovely moon.