Light Obliged

Did you look and see a particle or a wave

when was the last time you created an analogy to a
physics concept that you don't understand
or used a the second person when the first
was far more accurate, scattering tenses
in a run-on sentence and remembering that

you're not supposed to use semicolons 
as much as you do because that becomes 
an ego and a pride thing, yes, you went to
college and maybe even graduate school

well after you used your mind to make up 
the proper grammar during those fifth 
grade worksheet exercises, whose improvisation
was fed the reading of too many fantasy novels 

that you consumed with abandon, not knowing
that they would poison your professional
life with delusions of grandeur, deus ex machinas
and magical answers to questions that 

are far more complicated in other parts
of the library that you didn't know to seek.