Definitions are Heartbreaks

Why is it that self-help books seem to recommend
that every person find their inner sociopath
to get their goals met (and of course stop giving a fuck)
chuck all the things you cared about
and wake up before the sun
clichés for sale at nineteen ninety nine
paper back or hard
covered in the quotes of power
I loved it (and discard).

Fairly often was the way
a word was meant to be
said as such and here you go
don't even think of swapping
but we are all conventional
wanting to be known
and even when we don't agree
on us meaning's grown.

What is love you want to ask
in that book it said just do it
but what exactly
and with more precision
there is less 
but with the right metaphor
rather simile, for we are humble
there must be understanding
yet what does that ultimate 
knowledge of the thing
mean but that it's gone for ever
sleeping off the ring.