A Haste Not Grand

Stay in the cockpit when you're in flight;
stay in the air to remain in the cockpit;
here we have the principles of fuel and time.

Encyclopedias have incentives: to be sure
there is nothing else in the world
that might count as knowledge.

An open window in the city 
is quite distinct 
from a curtain pulled aside on a quiet street.

Dare yourself and you will have 
the negative definition of risk
contracted to your future.

Make recommendations to ensure
that no one will listen to what you say
which is deeply preferable to the other options.

While there are definitions of health
floating around the world
comparing oneself to ideals is unhealthy.

Here in this word, this one, this
one points at this
and can only see behind the eyes.

Boundaries are butterflies who wish 
they were cranes 
who found a mate for life.

Sentences are counted and timed
served in space
the vascular system of thought.

With whom is a question
for those who can't pay any more attention
being in debt to the point of bankruptcy.

Into the focus spot converges 
a series of brain elements
certain they won't find that they exist.

Develop and grow was more than a whisper
and those who listened
were sure to die earlier deaths.

The end is not a beginning
when there's no epilogue
so hand over a longer book.

The farce that is known as mind
is the keenest observer
of all the shadows that wouldn't murder (but could).

Statements call to the front
a back that didn't pass
to write a letter to the future.

Carrying on is a thing under itself
with metaphors known as prepositions
putting space before time and after being.

When the slowness comes to the room
and thus you shall be ongoing.

Whereupon you find a day that has night
look further and there will 
be a morning.

Fissures held your gaze
as canyons are wont to
do what they please.

Rivers may move more slowly
than where they came from
when the bank is robbed of gold.

Reality is a prescription
written by realists
to make you have faith in them.

If here is where you are
then it's obvious 
what to do with your thoughts.