Pass Through

I have the way to say I have 
that's the point and this is May
for April is a shower month
and baths are behind never crunched
as the popcorn kernels cover your couch
unclean is a way you could view it
but that would be a sorry state
as the country dawns and music makes
fellow farces calling truth
answer now and carry fruit
when you're ripe and riding steady
underfoot on contrails heady
cloudy minutes hours past
never gotten 'bove the mast
where the music flowed to me
forgetting always letting be
as the phrases cages watch
omnipotent is flying crotch
good thing you'll never see the day
that went down this moment, play
games for fun and catch release
fish do lay an egg apiece
when you leave it's always gone
don't forget your mind is wrong.