Looking Over So Many Shoulders

is there something I ought to be doing
some structure I should be analyzing or part of
the word should is the prefix to shoulder, with an um
and when there is more than one, it's nearly must error
I am sure of coincidences and should you be looking for advantage
(and of course I switch to the second person
when things get a little uncomfortable)
you'll peer across and see and then pick up and do
that's the beauty (ugliness) of the places that show you
what everyone else is doing:
there are judgements that weave together to make a society
because society is a valuation machine and how much something is worth
is equivalent to where it sits relative to other somethings
and when you become a something you try to become something
and one day perhaps even some body, for your mind wants to be material
that sits above shoulders, telling those who listen 
what they ought to do