Con Temp Or Ary

Won't you warm the day?
I am switching back to pajamas
or something like them.
I say, hear, feel,
that sleep is nice.
What are you certain of?
I have more questions
but I can't have them.
Ownership is a fiction
that I don't want to read
in the literature any more.
Not that Russian Revolutions 
are on my agenda;
Camus was too convincing 
about Rebels
and sometimes absurdity.
But I, postmodern?
That seems like an ego
trip down a deconstructed river
(glass of water)
that I don't know how to navigate
without drowning in that which
I might otherwise have flushed down
a modern toilet.
There is turning
and perhaps thermodynamics
across a force that you read about
in a movie that you scripted
and to be of this time
or think in centuries,
each impossible
and inescapable.