Boredom Definitions

There was a meek book of philosophy
all about boredom and its sources
and effects, of course, for what philosophy 
does not make claims to sociology
reaching beyond the math-ist psychology
it's why I'm attracted to Wittgenstein
who attempted to unravel the whole project
but he forgot that enough people worship dictionaries
that context could only be God sometimes
and while He is in purgatory, 
so was I when pressing the question
of how I could be waiting for something
when nothing is due to arrive
and tenses have thrown the past into confusion
the future into dubious nothingness
and the present taught to sit, stay, lie down
as the unidentifiable i sought purchase 
in a sea of theories about "humans"
culturally framed in the spectacles
of dying souls, as the aforementioned deity,
Acquisition, Success, Love: a competitive pantheon
of economic fictions seeking divine rights under the law
to whom we owe all our metaphysical debts
compounding interest across discipline
which made us stay at our desks
in front of their screens
pretending to be Engaged
knowing otherwise
as the definition of irony
withers under the star of time.