History Singed

One upon
space and time were there
why had an answer each season
migration would give you what you intuited
bending a waterway to suit your desires
because thirst says: quest for food
and a solitary mango
says: globalization capitalisms
is that activism's siren
on a horizon darkened by the cloud
of smoke that helped you get to school
to learn how it could be bettered 
what made today as it is
and of course
to get you in the habit of sitting
and doing what told said with authors
booking you for murky certainties
whingeingly moribund in boardom
because that goal makes crowds wild
under a cliché set: chess dimensions
that's what truth did to power (from the front)
with a truck, red, bearing downers 
to a population you thought: count
many, means, menny:
ism ism has something 
ist for that
where competition strove 
war roved
you remember that vote
to show how large your barge
would look going up the rong rivulet
craven fourth thirds, your diminished return
from a tax record that audited an animal
whose individual culture
learned your religion
decided against it
and worshipped the beginning:
you know it by the death (nomenclaturr)
wondering is a wander, lost is relative
while loneliness might be solitude
and even the story of dignity 
fell by a narrative ditch
you dug in your dreams
as reason turned out to be
mephisto in a tie.