Chrysanthemum Watching

Which observes that color
a preponderant explosion
others in between
green, your favorite too?
I'm sitting in a chair
the slouch is just right
for my back to force me upright
within the next ten minutes
within a word choice, questioning
weren't you thinking about resentment too?
release that back to nature
because the way is the way
and now is right now
left handed unless it's typing
a keyboard has more to tell you
than the pen could have ever whispered
but paint is another thing
all together, houses are nothing
what are people
beyond space
potent, possible
write literature
it's the same as a word
the same as an ounce
blend it together
hold it up
let it down
and your cliché metaphor analogy similar
tells the story of a life
that couldn't end in death
because nostalgia and memory
are hangovers
and we've been drinking.