Untied Bag

Today I biked away from a rack 
snow was beneath the left post 
as I turned to wheel away 
across the street to cross another 
evidence points to the saddle bag 
brown with small holes under each side 
three dollars from the saint's thrift store 
not attached to the rear steel tubes 
releasing to the street 
going into the world 
no longer possessed 
did I lose it 
or was it never mine 
I am less a laptop and its umbilical cord 
a red and a blue bungee cord 
the latter a bit shorter 
an intensely blue hat 
with its convenient built in face mask 
a pair of mittens who are losing their integrity 
and a spare tube for a 29 inch bicycle tire 

a loss is part frustration 
some bargaining (and retracing steps) 
a lightness, responsibility reduction 
the conclusion of philosophy's impulse 
and a little acceptance capped by the feeling 
that I may not have had anything at all.