Wide Wake

There is a morning that starts 
at higher voltages
tension, life stands
step up
amperage is the flow
a volume that might consume the host
and banish me to the guest house.

Physics, analogies,
these have been my instructions
for living without recipes.

Basic principles!
Get the right ones,
translate to habits,
be the ruler of the known universe.

The curse of the name Roman: 
you are both citizen
and empire
egomaniacal fire fiddler
the combination of two brothers
raised by wolves,
one murderer.

The foundation of a civilization that would rule the world
womb for a monotheism: another conqueror;
so that's my destiny? My To Be?

I think not, but I have expected it
heard the little league coach tell me 
I'd be President
heard the strategy professor predict
a triumphant return
and a check for an endowed chair
heard that I would have my name
or a company would
(after a quarterback in L.A. used it and became famous).

The solution to all problems
and glory would flow from exalted fingertips.

I know now
I'll swim slow enough
to make no waves.