All and sameness

light is not the same
even as it is
stanzas between sips
of course I mean pours
boiling water holy skin
memory serves: under the sin
rhythmic notions rapid rise
fighting up for more: the skies
feature less than up front statement
deadly calm a tune abatement
planted up on top the bureau
dressing drawing socks unfurl, oh
marching down the coffee drink
window crown of beverage sink
draining all that came before
future furor mirror store
dripping drably curtain call
finite fiction murky stall
it's not the same but yes it is
copy paste the whats-it fizz
social medium maximum ore
mining souls for more and more
eat me up so I can feast
dislodge the ocean, yes yes beast
fickle found the ending near
collegial ponder, fight me fear