Temporary Infinite Expectations

Games that don't end
Far better than poker
But if expectations don't bend
Naught but a toker

Rising high above the land
Crashing hard into the sand
Burdensome conflagration 
Infinity's confrontation

Sparse the shores of permanence
Horses race against penitence
Comportment's eviction fee
Boundaries exceeded plea

Contrary to manic scent
Dice roll cockeyed haven
Crow's teeth bouncing craven
Aleutian Manichean rent

Contrapositive Leibnitz
Harlequin mountebank Newton
Light beam riding quantum quackery
Countenance powered Rasputin

Players all spinning Pascal's wheel
Rockefeller taunts Baptist keel
Cruelty's mister righteous hand
Confetti streams of trumpet band

Crassus representative color gris
Hounded basker Sherlock spree
Solvent mime Geppetto crime
Liar Yalta beer gut tree

Counter non accordian bandit
Caesar pizza empire gambit
Trustafarian notions bridger troll
Nineveh judges punter mole

Onward words elliptical screed
Rebound back up doomy feed
Yerba latte corn husk bunch
Popcorn walleye nutter crunch