Habit Instinct

nature my nurture it's a game to find the beginning of it all
where did we come from where are we going, tell me Darwinian
masterpiece of feudal engineering, artwork of marble and bronze
concerning the development of the human animal, electricity flows
boundaries are built so that we can remember who we are and what
the hell the word home means (it's the opposite of hell, right?)
contours flows through the brewed dark energies of the matter of facts
Wikipedia has all the answers, don't you know? Good fortune and merit.
barriers to sentry and the wheel of fate's before and after concerto
play those instruments to measure the scientific method, hypothesist
insistence on the comfort of the most number of mostly normal things
bits of batter make for a pancake unwaffled by the strawberry nourishment
fill up a barter wheelbarrow with airy promises to fulfill the most heavenly