So here's the thing
Remember the last time
You bit into ice cream
And that cold
Went straight to the root
Shaking your core
Making you wonder
What you were thinking
Not just making out with the spoon

So that's the thing
That happens to me
In every group
Every relationship
That has consistency
And maybe a little bit of power
My teeth are wedged deep
Into that over-frozen chunk

The chalkboard nails 
Drive me away
From work
And from play
Across time and space
Sometimes it's a little boredom
A little miffedness of the ego
But almost always
That ice cream teeth freeze

Perhaps I'll wander on
Away from the ones
Who won't dig a bit deeper
And see my perspective
That millennial snowflake
Not landing on a snowman
Flying across the land

Or perhaps I'll reduce
The people emplaced
On pylons of my life
Rather friends
Than bosses

Even a third way
To connect on close terms
Sharing the stories
That make up the mind
Conceding some ground
Lending ears
Opener arms
Shoulders down
Jaw loose
Teeth warm