Scrying Pans

Michelin scars raise shooting spars
Momentary horizon lit by burning tars
Smokey scene sheaves raw materials
Cast in iron to cleave claws delirious
Ranks to the top will clean any shop
As magazines turn into alpha pop
But as your food becomes an art
Now your hunger will eat your heart
Fortunes rise along with thirst
Waters prize away dessert
Chicken bones thrown on hallowed ground
Surface lips of dirty frown
Mind below above bet on
Fallow soil you loved is wrong
Ministry scales a measured friend
Prediction stale a present pen
Ballpoint pick to play guitar
Strumming up the smoking bar
Hot tubs roast the meaty fresh
Spoiled into a chlorine mesh
Faust is high Mephisto scrawl
Bilges under crisp crab claw
Mulching up the compost glory
Rotting fish a delicate story
Discount your cash income abatement
Taxing flash of founder mate-vent
Breathing deep a fixture fail
Looking forward a mixture mail