assigned seats

nothing better than a map with names
a number with spatial privileges
a crumble right out of the oven
smelling like it’s meant to be here
shadows cannot reject the penumbral
definition: oxford knows where to go
because of its place in the alphabet
alphabets deny reality hunger
because they put names in their places
reading between the lines may help
but it does not matter
i like to have a clear position
without having to make a policy statement
zero unscheduled oratories are the optimal
instinctive number; breaking habits can
be done, but winning friends to influence people
is a broken way to be
from everything i can tell
which again is very little if i
do not have an address handed down
without it, i am always running off to
the bathroom, ostensibly, and ending up
with a different zip code
of course the acceptance has gotten shorter
the length of a flight, a maximum
schools taught me to hate patience
too much training worse than none