Filling a room with baritone speech 
Confident statements of the facts 
Bridled for the adventure 
Polar exploration, unfurled 
When the wind is tacked or favorable 
A map indicates reckoning 
But a pen marks the spot 
Pile up money and your metabolism may function 
Exchanges, digestion, growth 
Manichean fight, dear Faust 
Vanquish the devil you won't 
Make progress, rather 
In the River Progress 
Downstream toward an ocean imagined 
Or upstream to the springs, beginnings 
Idols all, but living is worship 
Down on both knees, an alteration
Incantations, ritual or new 
Blaspheme, heretic, your piety unglued 
At a distance, I watch, then into the fray 
Heavy or light, attitude play