Definitions – 8/31/2021

n.  an oversimplification of history and the present meant to develop an argument for an oversimplified scheme for bringing great benefit to oneself.
n.  a political milieu obscurely stored in a brain built on a foundation of emotion.

n.  an inexcusable excuse to perpetrate atrocities.
n.  the way a particular piece of paper unfolded, though it is still disputed if the paper's dimensions were 8.5x11 or 8.5x5.5; primary source documents have been cut in half.

adj.  difficult to be around.
adj.  easy to be around.

n.  a month made up by an egomaniacal Roman to store all the most difficult days.
n.  anything purple.

adj.  the aspect which an editor focuses on when they cannot be bothered to see the bigger picture.
adj.  an overrated description of writing.

n.  a jaunty dance that reveals everything while explaining nothing.
n.  an art form that is often used as weapon, as when paintbrushes have been used to commit murder.
n.  a weak language mechanism superseded in every regard (except availability) by speech.

n.  the state of being of a city that has room for more people.
n.  the state of being a person that has room for more people.
n.  the state of being of a brain at all times.