Surrounded by water
No thought to drink
Leaning to dishes
Unburdening the sink

Curtains undrawn
Maps reviewed casual
Words flow the lawn
Manufactured by effectual

Craters unseen
Troubled tires rumble
Desert canteen
Dry lips crumble

Calibration forgotten
Memory under sand
Pathways much trodden
Reminding former land

Drifting against wind
Listing into sun
Powerful surges grinned
Illumination of a pun

Music crafts upward
Malone afterward circular
Posture downward canard
Hydration bloodstream ocular

Canaries mining precious metals
Coalface subliminal treasure
Lungs breath deep airy petals
Humid drips beyond measure

Rainy day from sunny skies
Bathing brain in loving rays
Cool me down to heavy sighs
Drinking deep of restful days