Tibetan books
Life and death
Connected to both
Holding on dear

Mornings paging
Numbers alone
Collections fading
Loving shone

Memories held
Not catch and release
Yins in breath
Yangs at peace

Garagey catchment
Holding pen
Plant's visitation
Green shades in ken

Baritone speech
Pronouncements wail
Indigo marsupial
Concerto sprole

Language addiction
Habitual coal
Polluting the senses
Stumbling foal

Barriers reeph
Containers shipped
Degraded in passing
Foolish design leap

Grasp to the breach
Reaching exceeds
Unclench the fingers
Death's in the reeds

Welcoming marsh
Wade right in
No hurry or fear
Surrounded by kin

Gardener patience
Listening in full
Green fade to brown
Shade path to mull