Attention by Time

Pay it up
Lay it down
Rest your eyes
To make the crown

Unblinking gaze
Through any haze
Brighten this
Bejewel that

Then remove it all
Simple again
Redo the craft
Process dram

Experience interest
Compounding weekly
Brain extensions
Muscle memory

Hem with jaws
Haw with lems
To space you blast
Or 'cross the Thames

Polish paper
Penciled sand
Mind plus senses
Equation grand

Production helps
Evidence pile
But keys are made
With lengthy file

Zooming challenge
Elliptical away
Speed or strength
Constitutional sway

Either or
Yin is Yang
Contortions stretch
Looking fang

Multiply not
Predictions distract
Simple cot
Enact enact

Bardo be here
Zebra horse
Mem'ry mirr'r
Mixture course

Enroll deep mind
Third word import
Controlled rewind
Energetic retort

Contrition besmirch
Contrarian defile
Fingers trace birch
Vocation virile

Thousands will know
When kernel doth granite
Unpusillanimous crow
Demurdered bandit

Reversal of course
Provided demon brandy
Confounded remorse
Poured carefully dandy

Itches confuse
A heart moaning beat
Scratchy refuse
Attentive retreat

Clocks failing measure
Tick concepts denied
Irrelevant pleasure
Tocks contra plied

Breathe becomes hair
Feet curl release
Entry last peak
Apollonius feats