Value Innovation

Blue Oceans spread
Across red sky’s light
It’s time to swim
Or sail
Rather than take flight

So set navigation sights
On lands underinhabited
The laws of the sea
No rules for this game

Build islands from the floor
Or flotillas mighty roar
The navy is king
In the land of horizon rings

So head to the places
Where few have yet roamed
And offer the value
That make this desolate place a home

A need poorly met
A desire unfulfilled
At a price that would sailors
Reach for pocket change
Be you clear and crisp

The winds will at your back
For everyone loves a tagline
To row to
Or to buy
And your job will be so easy
No longer drowning leader

The priority will again be singular
No more fights over nonsense
So find your watery kingdom
Motor there straightaway