Narrative direction
Options inflection
Misery deflection
Freedom insurrection
Agency inspection
Filter protection
Vileness rejection
Impossible conception
Imagination perfection

So goes the combinations
Rhythmic saccharine-ection
With a sly invader-eption
Exceptions ride wild horses
While I ride friendly ponies
With dreams of Norwegian stallions
Fulfilled or not to joy
Seeing the world on the lighter side
Sleeping through the night
Vigor the day
Icing for cakes
Skating for ice
Redounding to resound

Bring me the love
Of everyone
Better yet I'll send it out
First class
Stamp collection
Postcards of hearts and sunshine
A cynic's nightmare
Fear not
Spite liveth not here
I mean the best
And send the same

Confusion is merely
Understanding's delay
Plus fear of lost
Find me the comfort
Of found instead
Breathing in
To find again
Looking out
And seeing up

They say you can't love it all
But you certainly can't hate it all
So why not see it all
As pretty good
Even outside the field of view
I don't see why not
Even beyond the view
Of rhythmic decay