Seed & Grain Boule

Thank you, Madison Sourdough, for keeping a hungry bread-lover ensconced in your delicious baked items.

Bread's love
Compares to café mug
But denigration reaction
Speaks bread to the ground
Sour though the dough
Seeded though the round
Insistent consumption
Under a meeting's presumption
Scattered bits tabletop
Judgment unheard
Satisfaction unblurred
Clarity's chomp
A magnetic romp
Mad is one
Who has not realized
Sourdough's demise
In gut bacteria paradise
The dreams of a common human
In the fog of a common day
So thank you bakers
And tenders of the mother starter
Please keep using that extra batter
To sell this commoner a platter
Of bready sumptuous matter
To inspire rhymes that splatter
With the seeds and bread parts
That may yet make it to stomach lands
Should I shake the brown paper bag
Casually into one hand
And throw those castaway morsels
Into a waiting obsessor
And grateful possessor
To dash off more lines
Fueled by your crispy-soft poetry