Stuck, on the Precipice

Long hike to the edge
Wandering mind a-long pathway
The drop sucks up attention moisture
Farewell elsewhere concentration
For the fall
And consequent palpitation

Shelters and pillows
Line the bottom
Yet blink one cannot
But stare as if into
Abyss's peril spot

Breezy stroll
A distant memory
Plunge me soon
Patience thins
Release the cocoon

Narratives quiet
As the final sleep engages
A fast mind's brakes
While dream wings
Obviate elevation quakes

Stuck is but feeling
At Time's plodding mercy
Sensations of unstory
Woven slothful
Against fantasy glory

Silence yields surplus
Bonded freedom divide
A mathematical portent
Of calmness that I'll ride
Flying on to torment

For visions of the screech
As inner ears spin wanton
Rhythm briefly lost
Accelerate to maelstrom
Emote uncounted costs

Yet each leap lands gentle
When legs spring in action
And my hat flies off
Without another thought
While unclenched lungs bar cough

Hike to the top I will must
And strike the title's Stuck
Instead make preposit from
Melody parable struck
Reminding next time Leap