Cagey Poetry

Verses unfold under auspices unknown
Boxers with shadows give vigorous jabs
Illuminating confusion casually profound
What do you mean; how do I mean?

Thoughts are drafts unbidden, collated akimbo
Craft a line with undue finality
Commit to publication of the mind's blurry reverie
Leads me to poems, we peer inside together

I ask you, reader, be you me or other
Reflect lightly
Consider gently
Ask freely

Directness evasion: a right and a choice
Clarity evades unless you choose not to hear
The cacophony of electricity darting between ears
How can we know, just what do we mean?

Lest feet and stomach rebel at upstairs confusion
Let's step forward then feast
A walk and a meal
When in totality

You and I understand